Online IELTS Preparation

Start preparing for your courses online. ULCI has now partnered with the most effective online preparation courses available today. Unlike the traditional studying schedules that allow you to start courses on a specific date and time, online learning courses give you the flexibility to study in a way that suits your personal routine and professional commitments. You can work at your own pace within the course timeframe and study in the comfort of your own home.
Start or complete the course when it suits you, any time, anywhere! You no longer have to wait for other people’s routines. You can commence it at a suitable time.  The online course also allows you to fast-track and complete quickly or you can take your time over a longer period, meaning you can complete your course within your own time.
Your classroom is online, so you can enjoy easy access to all the support you need, course orientation resources, course materials, practice tests and online study support.
For online IELTS, ULCI has partnered with Scott’s English Success. Please click this link for details:

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