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Leadership Development

Youth learn more quickly than adults, and that youth need to be better prepared to meet significant challenges in society. Our country and the world need better prepared youths. Leadership
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English Language Learning Program

With long years of experience in the field, we know how to create a stimulating learning environment that enables youngsters from all over the world to improve their English Language capacities. From
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College/University Preparation Program

International students often find the first year at a college/university confusing. The short summer programs help international freshmen prepare for this transition and gain valuable skills for
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Cultural Exchange Program

Set within both natural and metropolitan environments, our vast selection of summer camps provides a rich choice of destinations to cater to all needs. Each destination is carefully selected based on
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Specialized Theme Programs

Our Specialized Theme Summer Camp programs have been engineered to accelerate the development of students at their chosen skills, from youth to middle school to high school and beyond. Our program
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Our Latest Trips

Tufts University

Arkansas State University

Cambridge Dream

St. Edmund's College Summer Program

Cambridge Melchior College Cultural Exchange Programme

Oxford Royale Academy

International Language Camps

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