Universal Language & Computer Institute (ULCI) has been assisting students achieve their education goals since its establishment in 1984. As the trends in the education sector have shifted in the past three decades, ULCI has adjusted its services to meet the needs of the students. ULCI has always strived towards providing Nepal students with access to international level education by bridging the gaps that exist between our education system and other systems globally.

To that end, ULCI is introducing Nepali students to top level summer programs around the world and assisting them in gaining placements into areas and institutions of their interest. These programs are held in highly prestigious global universities such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Yale University, Tufts University among others. These summer programs cater to students from all age-groups and enhance the vision of the students on themes beyond what they have learned in the classroom. These summer programs are primarily focused on skills based learning activities and help students hone skills such as academic writing, presentation skills, debate skills and so on that are often neglected in traditional school curricula. In addition, they get to experience campus life in a new city and country and participate in excursions that will help them see the world. Moreover, they will get a chance to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds around the world and forge meaningful relationships.  

Education, in the contemporary world, is beyond just textbooks and exams; supplementing textbook knowledge with real-life experiences and skills based learning material is equally important in enhancing the competence of the students.  We can help your child identify their niche and develop to become competent global citizens by helping them find the right program for them.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you!

Best wishes,

U P Pant

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