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The summer program at Tufts University is a two-week program based in Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

Tufts University Summer Program seeks to attract middle school and high school students (14-18 years), who wish to engage in a cultural experience and fortify their English Language skills. Classified as a “Language plus Activities Program”, this program is primarily geared at enhancing the language skills of participants, whilst engaging them with activities in a diverse environment. Located in very close proximity to Boston, a global educational hub, the summer program provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and gain valuable life experience.


Tufts University summer program allows students to improve their command of English Language by providing 15 hours of in-class English lessons a week. The classes are activity and discussion based, and there are no more than 15 students in a class. The environment fosters an atmosphere where the participants get to experience task-based learning at their best and are able to establish meaningful personal relationships with their peers. Similarly, students practice important soft skills such as presentation skills, creative and professional writing skills and debate skills among others. To ensure that the students receive a challenging yet not overwhelming learning experience, they are first required to take a placement test; based on their performance in the placement test, they are put in coursework suited to their existing level of English.

Students have supervised afternoon and evening activities every day; included in this are 5 off campus excursions to various historic and touristic sites in Boston and Cambridge. These excursions are intended to allow the participants to explore Boston’s rich culture and history and to engage with other participants in a non-classroom setting. Optional excursions in the weekends are also offered for students; destinations for these excursions often involve more distant sites and vary from New York City to Six Flags New England, the breathtaking Niagara Falls, and Washington DC. These optional excursions offer an opportunity for participants to explore other areas in nearby states.

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