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A-State Global Youth Program is a three-week summer program based in Arkansas State University (ASU).

The Global Youth Program at ASU seeks to attract students who are pursuing their undergraduate degrees in educational institutions around the world. The program offers a choice of three academic disciplines: (i) Leadership & Management Academy (ii) Fine Arts Academy and (iii) Digital Creative Arts Academy. Participants can enroll in any of these three academic programs based on their interest. These academic programs are highly specialized and offer a unique opportunity to learn new skills and hone existing skills within the discipline. As the program attracts undergraduate students from academic institutions around the world, it fosters an atmosphere where students can engage with peers with diverse interests, majors and backgrounds.


A-State Global Youth Program is a specialized summer program with courses in Leadership & Management, Fine Arts and Digital Creative Arts. The Leadership and Management Academy offers a unique learning experience in leadership and communication skills and is geared towards helping students develop interpersonal skills and critical thinking skills. The Leadership and Management Academy allows students to enhance important soft-skills that will be valuable to students pursuing a wide range of academic disciplines. The Fine Arts Academy provides an opportunity for students to learn about the arts culture in the United States. Students will have the opportunity to study topics such as choral music, stringed instruments, visual art, and theatre. Learning is fostered through participation and performance to ensure task-based learning. The Fine Arts Academy is an excellent fit for non-music students with passion for learning music or music students wishing to understand the music culture in the US.

The Digital Creative Media Academy provide students with a unique learning experience in the field of digital media through the written word, video, audio and social media. This program is for students interested in applying various forms of media in different disciplines. As media is an effective tool of communication in all disciplines, skills learnt in this academy will be useful to students in a wide range of academic disciplines.All students, regardless of what academy they choose to pursue, will get an opportunity to live in ASU campus and experience American campus life. They will get to interact with college students in ASU who are from around the world and share their experiences and interests in a collegial environment. Students will also get to engage in various on-campus activities at ASU. The relationships participants form during the course of the program and the memories they make are ones they will cherish for life.

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