Cambridge Dream


Cambridge Dream is a two-week university preparatory summer programme based in Girton College in the University of Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge Dream seeks to attract ambitious middle school and high school students (13-18 years), who wish to pursue their undergraduate degree in top universities and colleges around the world. These students do achieve through their profound intellectual curiosity and maintain impressive academic records. Cambridge Dream assists these students in honing other extramural skills that supplement their academic achievements, thereby bolstering the quality of their college/university applications.


Cambridge Dream allows attending students to gain exposure to a wide variety of subject areas across STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). This broad encompassing exposure fosters an environment where students get to delve deeper into their prospective areas of interest; students figure out what is really in that area of study, explore the various career opportunities it provides, and understand what it takes to receive admissions in that area in competitive university programs. Exposure to these subject areas early on, allows students to make more informed decisions about choosing the right programme to apply for and helps them put together strong college applications.

Cambridge Dream attracts students from the United Kingdom and around the world; this diversity offers participants with the opportunity to network across the globe and forge many meaningful relationships. Participants of the Cambridge Dream programme also get an opportunity to receive mentorship from a current University of Cambridge student, ideally studying similar disciplines, the participant wishes to pursue in the future. This mentorship programme facilitates personal interaction between the participant and the university student, allowing for customised guidance and advice .

The participants and the mentors also forge meaningful relationships over the course of the programme, which can go a long way in the future. Participants of the Cambridge Dream programme reside in residence halls in the University of Cambridge itself and gain first-hand experience of campus life in Cambridge. Cambridge Dream also seeks to hone and develop important soft skills, which will be beneficial for life. Specific sessions are held to educate participants about writing in an academic context, including the significance and methods of proper citations. Likewise, students work on a personal development plan that allows them to track their overall progress and aspire for future personal development.

In addition, participants improve their ability to work in groups and practice effective presentation skills. Students participate in various intellectual debates in a wide range of academic paradigms including Model UN conferences where students get to practice diplomacy. Finally, by the end of the programme, each student would have completed a well-developed draft of their personal statement, which is an integral component of university applications in the UK and abroad. Participants in the Cambridge Dream programme also participate in excursions to various significant sites in the UK. These include trips to departments, museums and colleges in the University of Cambridge, touristic sites in London, Green Britain Center among others. These visits are aimed at helping students develop an appreciation of British culture and history. For students, who are considering to pursue their undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom, this programme provides the participants with a taste of lifestyle and campus life in British universities and colleges.

A sample schedule of events in the programme based on previous years is as shown in the table above. This is just an overview of how the programme looks like and the timetable is subject to changes.

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