St. Edmund's College Summer Program


St. Edmund’s College Summer Programme is a three-week programme in one of the leading independent day and boarding schools in the United Kingdom.

Located at a convenient location in a town called Ware, the campus is no more than 45 minutes away from Heathrow, London and Cambridge. With a campus spanning 440 acres, St. Edmund’s captures the feel of British countryside while facilitating top-notch extracurricular and academic facilities. The summer programme at St. Edmund’s is designed to give students a feel of boarding school life in a British preparatory school. With targeted students in the range of ages 13-18, the summer programme engages students in a wide range of activities in a diverse environment by attracting students from all around the world.


The summer programme at St. Edmund’s engages students in a multitude of activities aimed at improving the student’s English language competence, providing exposure to a wide variety of extracurricular and personal development activities and offering an experience of living and dining in residence halls. The focus of the programme is on personal development and language enhancement competence moreover, and these objectives are achieved through a combination of classroom and excursion based activities.

Classroom activities focus on task-based learning to ensure a learning environment that is engaging and widely applicable to students with a wide range of interests. Students receive 20 hours of classroom learning during the programme focused at enhancing language competence across multidisciplinary areas of interests. Students also engage in sports activities such as swimming, tennis, badminton, football, water polo, archery and volley-ball among others. Students may choose the sport activities based on their interests. Additional courses on Horse Riding, SCUBA Diving and Cambridge Insight programmes are also available for an extra fee.

The summer programme at St. Edmund’s also focusses heavily on learning through excursions and takes students to numerous sites in the UK during their stay. These sites are carefully chosen based on learning objectives and differ between age-groups. Some of the venues for excursion for middle school students include the Natural History Museum, Ely Cathedral & Cambridge, Matilda at the West End Theater and various shopping locations. For high school students, the venues involve more mature learning paradigms within similar themes. Some of the venues are after included included the Kew Gardens, Museum of London, Chatham Dockyards and various shopping locations. Along with providing first hand learning opportunities, these excursions also allow the students to get first hand exposure to British culture and history.


Participants will apply to attend the programme between 2017-07-01 to 2017-08-31. Interested students must apply for the program by 2017-05-31. Once the application is processed and approved, students will then receive supporting visa documentations and will apply for the visa.


The fee to attend programme is 3100. This includes the cost of accommodation, food and travel (as per the program schedule) while the student is in the summer tour. This fee does not include airfare and personal expenses of the participant.

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