Cambridge Melchior College Cultural Exchange Programme


Cambridge Melchior College (CMC) Cultural Exchange Programme is a two-week cultural exchange programme in one of the international study centers in the United Kingdom.

Located in the calm and tranquil Willingham Village near the historic city of Cambridge, CMC offers a wide range of themed and bespoke (programme focused on English Language) cultural exchange programme throughout the year to cater to the needs of students with a diverse range of interests. The flexibility CMC provides to cater to the varied interests of students sets this cultural exchange programme apart from others.
The cultural exchange summer programme at CMC is designed to culturally engage students between the ages of 13 and 18 in activities in areas of their interests. CMC attracts cohort of students from all around the globe; the diversity of backgrounds and interests fosters an excellent environment for cultural immersion.


Based on the interest shown by the student group, CMC works with the student group to put together a themed cultural exchange programme. Such themes can range from soft skills such as leadership and speaking and academic themes such as language and sciences to sports such as football, rugby and cricket. Regardless of the theme and the nature of the programme, improvement of spoken and written English, and the opportunity to learn and appreciate British culture and history are emphasized in the programme.

The cultural exchange programme at CMC also focusses heavily on learning through excursions and takes students to numerous sites in the UK during their stay. These sites are carefully chosen based on thematic learning objectives and are tailored to suit students of various age groups. Excursions are taken to explore sites such as Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and British Museum in London, British seaside in Hunstanton and various colleges and touristic sites within the University of Cambridge.

A sample schedule of events in a week in the programme based on a previous camp is as follows; this camp was designed to focus on English language learning.


Participants will apply to attend the programme between 2017-07-16 to 2017-07-29. Interested students must apply for the program by 2017-05-31. Once the application is processed and approved, students will then receive supporting visa documentations and will apply for the visa.


The fee to attend programme is 2400. This includes the cost of accommodation, food and travel (as per the program schedule) while the student is in the summer tour. This fee does not include airfare and personal expenses of the participant.

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