Oxford Royale Academy


Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) Summer School is a two-week award winning summer programme offered in a choice of three historic education destinations in the UK: Cambridge, Oxford and London.

Oxford Royale Academy offers summer programme for children between the ages of 13-18 in various disciplines including Enterprise, Computer Programming, Architecture, Mandarin Chinese, Leadership, Fashion and Textile Design, Medical School preparation, SAT preparation and IELTS preparation among others. These courses are designed to suit the level of the students based on their age-groups and goals. Oxford Royale Academy Summer School is distinct from other summer programme because of the flexibility it offers to attend the programme in three locations and the variety of course options it offers to attending students. Oxford Royale Academy attracts cohort of students from over 100 nations in 1,300 around the world; the diversity of backgrounds, interests and experiences fosters an excellent environment for learning and cultural exchange.


Oxford Royale Academy Summer School offers summer courses to students in various academic disciplines, with courses tailored to suit the levels and needs of specific age-groups. Oxford Royale Academy offers over 60 courses and the coursers are designed to suit the level and goals of students in specific age-groups; as a result, these courses seek to challenge students in a rigorous environment, without overwhelming them. Likewise, courses that are more pertinent to graduating high school students such as SAT, IELTS and Medical School preparation are specifically designed for ages 16-18, bearing in mind the fact they will be applying to universities and colleges soon. The courses offered in the three locations may also vary based on the nature of the course and the location in which it can be taught best.

The summer programme at Oxford Royale Academy is focused heavily on learning through task-based classroom activities. The programme offers 40.5 hours of classroom based teaching, that is focused on personal development, skill enhancement and academic advancement in the chosen subject area. Apart from augmenting their knowledge, students also learn soft skills such as presentation skills, proposal writing, design thinking and academic writing. As students work in groups with other students, they also get an opportunity to engage with and forge friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and interests. The summer programme at Oxford Royale Academy also provides 2 coach based excursions per course; these excursions are carefully designed and selected to provide students with exposure to various sites in the UK, that is related to the course they are studying in the academy. These excursions not only allow students to gain a first-hand experience of visiting and understanding various elements of their area of study, but also provide exposure to British culture and history and how they intersect with the student’s area of interest.

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