International Language Camps


International Language Camps (ILC) is a two-week to six-week language camp offered in the beautiful village of Megeve in a famous ski resort in the French alps.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this setting is ideal for the formation of a close-knit academic community. The language camp offers hands on opportunity for students to immerse themselves in European culture while improving their command over English and French languages. These language programs are designed in line with the syllabi created by University of Cambridge for English language and Alliance Française examinations for French language. Participants will interact with fellow language learners and instructors both inside and outside the classroom the improve their language skills and foster their understanding of different cultures. In addition, students will also engage in extramural activities including sporting activities, excursions and other outdoor activities.

Language camps at ILC focus on a practical approach to language learning. In addition to focusing on technicalities of the language, the lectures involve active participation and focus on conversations in the language. There Is a maximum of eight participants in a class; the small classroom environment fosters an interactive classroom environment and allows students to engage with each other closely. Towards, the end,the campers also produce a play during the camp assisted by the teachers and counselors; this offers an excellent opportunity for the students to practice and showcase what they have learnt in a fun environment. In addition to improving their English and French, participants in ILC also engage in a wide range of sporting activities and other extracurricular activities.

The setting of the camp provides an excellent environment for outdoor activities including climbing, skiing and biking and sporting activities such as tennis, golf, rafting, based on the student’s interests they can be a part of various themed programs such as the Fun or Adrenalin program (for adventurous participants looking for a thrilling outdoor experience), the Intense Mountain program (for avid climbers), the Kids 3D Animation Program for young animation enthusiasts. These thematic programs offer
an opportunity for students to hone their skills in specific themes along with taking regular language classes at the camp. An optional additional week of classes is also available for students wishing to improve their skills in Golf, Tennis and Manga Drawing for an additional cost.

Besides these activities, students get a chance to shop, go to the cinemas and explore various sites in the nearby villages and towns. Weekend activities usually involve excursions where participants can immerse themselves in the local culture while checking out various sites.

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